High Key Studio

Commercial and Studio Photography Services

Our Studio Services

At High Key Studio we are specialists in premium high key product photography for small and medium sized items.

The shadows in our drop shadow shots are real, lending to their authentic look.

The shadowless images are not cutout in photoshop, ensuring that background colour changes are easy and maintain a look of quality.

As with the drop shadows and shadowless shot types, our mirrored images are also produced using real surfaces. All shot types can also be produced using photoshop to yield a clinical look if required.

Drop Off and Pickup Service

Get in touch to pre arrange to drop off your items or have them picked up. We can provide same day turn around for most items received before midday

Mail In Service

If you are located outside of the greater Sydney area we also provide mail in services. We cater to clients located anywhere around the globe and provide guidelines for the preperation and packing of items.

Catalogue Shoots

We can provide competitive day rates and per item pricing for catalogue shoots. Whether its a boutique collection or a comprehensive catalogue, we can provide an efficient and quality service.